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Import Pets To Australia

The strict quarantine laws of Australia are designed to prevent various diseases and exotic pests from entering the nation. This is why the import of any pet in the country requires a lot of time and preparation.

We at Moorholme Pet Transport are experts in guiding people to bring their favourite pet into the country without any hassle. Our experienced team has a thorough knowledge of importing different types of pets, so whether you want to import a dog or a cat to Australia, you can count on us.

Import Requirements In Australia

Adhering the strict laws relating to the import of pets into Australia is essential. If the requirements are not met, there is a high chance of your pet being sent back to its country of origin. Some of the requirements to import a cat or dog to Australia are as follows.


Every pet that enters Australia must have a microchip implanted. Microchip numbers serve as a unique identification number for each pet and make it easy to track the animals. The microchip number of every pet must be stated on all documentation required to enter the country.


There are certain vaccinations to be administered to both cats and dogs before entering the nation. Also, it is crucial to acquire a certification of the period of validity for some vaccinations.

Various Tests And Treatments

There are specific blood tests that any pets entering Australia must undergo like the Rabies Antibody Titer Test. Authorised labs must verify such tests. Also, there may be a need for your pet to undergo additional treatments before departure.

Proper Documentation

There is a list of documents that you may require to bring in a pet to the country. It’s important to have these documents ready for a hassle-free importation of your favourite pet.


All pets entering Australia, except from New Zealand, be it cats or dogs, must stay at Mickleham Quarantine Station (Melbourne) for minimum ten days and once they meet the required mandatory condition they can be released to you.

It’s important to know that there are some countries from which pets cannot be imported to Australia directly. Bringing in pets from such ‘non-approved’ countries calls for the need for the pets to spend some time in an approved country and receive the right veterinary treatments to be eligible to enter Australia.

Moorholme Pet Transport also collects your pets from quarantine and can send them to your destination.

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The experts at Moorholme Pet Transport can help you at every stage of pet importation. Right from coordinating the vet visits of your pet for vaccinations and records to completing and submitting the import application to booking and arranging your pet into quarantine, Moorholme Pet Transport takes care of everything, giving you complete peace of mind.

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