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Overseas Pet Transport

Moving your pets to different states and cities in Australia is simple when compared to moving pets to international destinations. There are many mandatory requirements to be taken care of.

Transporting your pet from one country to the other calls for the need for correct documentation, customs clearance, and quarantine. With a lack of planning and preparation, there are high chances of your pet being delayed or unable to travel.

Not everyone is aware of the complex and lengthy procedure associated with international travel of pets. This is when an expert pet travel agent like Moorholme Pet Transport comes to your help.

Every country is different, and so are their laws. However, our years of experience in the pet transport field makes us more than capable enough to guide you through the entire travel procedure, no matter which country your pet needs to travel to.

We serve as your pet’s travel agent, so you can hand over your pet’s travel responsibilities on us and sit back and relax. Once we have all the details regarding your pet’s travel, our team of experts will get to work immediately.

Our travel consultants will design a customised travel plan for your four-legged friend, ensuring the plan suits your requirements. Bookings are then made with reputed airlines to ensure your pet travels with great comfort and ease. Our team aims at booking the most direct flights for your pet, so they don’t have to stay away from you for too long.

International pet travels are subject to customs clearance and quarantine. Therefore, we offer advice on measures you can take beforehand to avoid inconvenience later on. Our team of experts can help your pets clear customs and quarantine and ensure they reach you without any hassle.

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So, no matter what you want, customised international dog transport services or customised international cat transport services, you can count on us.

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